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Clusters of Excellence

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Clusters of Excellence


3D Matter Made to Order

The vision of the Cluster is to establish scalable digital three-dimensional (3D) Additive Manufacturing reaching all the way from the molecular, via the nanometer and micrometer, to the macroscopic scale. This vision is nothing less than the ultimate digitization of 3D manufacturing and material processing.

People working with microscopes
Clusters of Excellence


Climate, Climatic Change, and Society

CLICCS will explore climate change with broad expertise. CLICCS will investigate how the climate changes and how society changes with it, thereby feeding back on climate. Understanding these changes, including how societies adapt, will enable us to assess with far greater confidence than before the range of imaginable climate futures.

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Clusters of Excellence


Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter

The Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat – Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter is a leading international center for research on topological and complex quantum matter. Our aim is to develop a deep understanding of quantum phenomena in general and to identify materials in which those phenomena are observed in the laboratory.

Clusters of Excellence


CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter

Functionalities are at the heart of the Cluster of Excellence "CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter“. Atoms bind together and form solids, molecules interact and react - new functionalities emerge with increasing complexity and growing system size.

Nahaufnahme eines Elektronenmikroskops
Clusters of Excellence


Today’s sustainable energy research gains momentum by targeting specific energy technologies and their related materials. The cluster e-conversion instead strives to establish a complementary paradigm that bridges major energy conversion strategies ranging from photovoltaics over (photo)electrocatalysis to batteries by focusing on the materials interfaces that underlie these functions.

Clusters of Excellence


Hausdorff Center for Mathematics

The theme of the Hausdorff Center is mathematics, of which we share a broad and dynamic vision. At its center stands the classical core: the mathematics of famous and fruitful conjectures, the mathematics that is in symbiosis with theoretical physics, and which continually reveals to us deep and unexpected connections.

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Clusters of Excellence


Berlin Mathematics Research Center

The Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+ sets out to advance mathematics itself and its interdisciplinary power with the aim of achieving progress on grand challenges in a wide variety of application fields.

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Clusters of Excellence

Mathematics Münster

Dynamics – Geometry – Structure

Our cluster "Mathematics Münster: Dynamics — Geometry — Structure" aims to further develop mathematics in Münster into a research centre with high international visibility. We will tackle fundamentally important mathematical problems, viewing mathematics as an organic whole with countless interactions. Our research is unified by three major approaches: focusing on the underlying structure of a given problem, taking the geometric viewpoint and studying the relevant dynamics of group or semigroup actions.

Clusters of Excellence


Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology

MCQST is investigating the scientific basis for complex quantum systems and establishing the technological foundation of quantum technology, a key next-generation technology for the 21st century. It brings together groundbreaking research from fields such as quantum computing, quantum information systems, quantum sensors, and novel quantum materials. The main goal is to build a globally leading center for quantum science and technology with a multidisciplinary approach, and to create, through targeted structural measures, an environment that changes the existing scientific and technological context.

Clusters of Excellence


Matter and Light for Quantum Computing

ML4Q stands for Matter and Light for Quantum Computing. The Cluster of Excellence set off in 2019 for a long collaborative journey in order to develop new computing and networking architectures using new findings in the fundamental research in solid-state physics, quantum optics, and quantum information science.

A woman in front of an experiment with lenses and lasers.