Excellent Research

A considerable increase in the performance of the German research system as a result of the Excellence Strategy can be seen in the wealth of new scientific findings, the variety of top-ranking publications these have resulted in, the numerous awards and prizes for participating researchers, and the competitive third-party funding acquired in addition to funding under the Excellence Initiative.


Ein Okular in grünem Licht

In this context, there has been a marked increase in research cooperation within and between universities, not least in connection with research platforms, as well an impressive expansion of collaboration with non-university research institutions and foreign partners.

The review of the renewal proposals submitted by institutions funded since 2006 and 2007, undertaken by very demanding and predominantly international review panels, has confirmed an increase in the research performance of the universities participating in the Excellence Initiative and their cooperation partners.

Clusters of Excellence and Universities of Excellence facilitate collaboration among researchers of world-class talent and renowned experts from a range of different disciplines. From an early stage in their career, researchers have the opportunity to work on an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary basis. Members of Clusters of Excellence and Universities of Excellence publish widely and participate in international conferences, thereby representing cutting-edge research from Germany, its institutions and disciplines.


Funded Clusters of Excellence – an Overview

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Excellent Institutions

How the Excellence Strategy has helped institutions identify and further develop their potential to gain worldwide visibility for top-level research.

Keys to Success

Networks and cooperation, diversity and early career support as well as science communication are keys to success of the Excellence Strategy.