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Clusters of Excellence

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Clusters of Excellence


Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies

The BCDSS at the University of Bonn aims to overcome the binary opposition of "slavery versus freedom". It is a research cluster within the framework of the Excellence Strategy of the federal and state governments.

Clusters of Excellence


Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries

At our Excellence Cluster CASA - Cyber Security in the Age of Large-Scale Adversaries at the Ruhr University Bochum, we aim to make the digital world a secure place.

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Clusters of Excellence


It is CECAD's mission to provide fundamental knowledge of the biology af aging and aging-associated diseases.

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Clusters of Excellence


Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences

The Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences CEPLAS addresses these grand challenges through world-class fundamental research on complex plant traits of agronomic relevance that impact on yield and adaptation to limited resources. Hence this knowledge is essential for designing and breeding plants that react in a predictable way to future challenges (SMART plants).

Clusters of Excellence


Markets & Public Policy

ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy, a joint initiative of the Universities of and aims to advance the analysis of markets & public policy in light of fundamental societal and technological challenges, such as digitalization, global financial crises, rising inequality and political polarization. Since 2019, ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy is funded as a Cluster of Excellence under the German Excellence Strategy. ECONtribute is the only Cluster of Excellence in Economics and neighbouring disciplines.

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Clusters of Excellence

Fuel Science Center

Conversion Systems for Renewable Energy and Carbon Sources

The fundamental research in the Cluster of Excellence "The Fuel Science Center – Adaptive Conversion Systems for Renewable Energy and Carbon Sources" (FSC) aims to integrate renewable electricity with the joint utilization of bio-based carbon feedstocks and CO2 to provide high-density liquid energy carriers ("bio-hybrid fuels"), which enable innovative engine concepts for highly efficient and clean combustion.

Clusters of Excellence


Hausdorff Center for Mathematics

The theme of the Hausdorff Center is mathematics, of which we share a broad and dynamic vision. At its center stands the classical core: the mathematics of famous and fruitful conjectures, the mathematics that is in symbiosis with theoretical physics, and which continually reveals to us deep and unexpected connections.

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Clusters of Excellence


The immune sensory system

ImmunoSensation2 is a Cluster of Excellence at the University of Bonn funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). We are dedicated to the study of innate immunity beyond the boundaries of classical immunology. We adress the immune system as a sensory organ for health, which we term the immune sensory system.

Clusters of Excellence


Internet of Production

The vision of the Internet of Production (IoP) is to enable a new level of crossdomain collaboration by providing semantically adequate and context-aware data from production, development and usage in real-time, on an adequate level of granularity.

Clusters of Excellence

Mathematics Münster

Dynamics – Geometry – Structure

Our cluster "Mathematics Münster: Dynamics — Geometry — Structure" aims to further develop mathematics in Münster into a research centre with high international visibility. We will tackle fundamentally important mathematical problems, viewing mathematics as an organic whole with countless interactions. Our research is unified by three major approaches: focusing on the underlying structure of a given problem, taking the geometric viewpoint and studying the relevant dynamics of group or semigroup actions.