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Clusters of Excellence

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Clusters of Excellence


Climate, Climatic Change, and Society

CLICCS will explore climate change with broad expertise. CLICCS will investigate how the climate changes and how society changes with it, thereby feeding back on climate. Understanding these changes, including how societies adapt, will enable us to assess with far greater confidence than before the range of imaginable climate futures.

An iceberg
Clusters of Excellence


CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter

Functionalities are at the heart of the Cluster of Excellence "CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter“. Atoms bind together and form solids, molecules interact and react - new functionalities emerge with increasing complexity and growing system size.

Nahaufnahme eines Elektronenmikroskops
Clusters of Excellence

Quantum Universe

The understanding of mass and gravity at the interface between quantum physics and cosmology is the core research objective of the Cluster of Excellence Quantum Universe.

Two people with an apparatus
Clusters of Excellence

Understanding Written Artefacts

Writing is one of the most important cultural techniques to have shaped the world’s societies. For most of human history, writing has been handwriting and has been part of diverse and complex manuscript cultures. Written artefacts have been continuously produced up to our own day, though the invention of printing with moveable types marginalised some while at the same time prompted new ones, not least digital media.Over the past three decades, scholarly interest in written artefacts has increased significantly.