University of Tübingen

New Assembly Hall University of Tübingen (© Friedhelm Albrecht/University of Tübingen)
University of Excellence

Research – Relevance – Responsibility. Open to New Challenges and a Global Scope of Action

The University of Tübingen was able to secure its status as a University of Excellence with the proposal "Research – Relevance – Responsibility. Open to New Challenges and a Global Scope of Action". The strategy aims to maintain the university’s position as an internationally visible and competitive research location in the long term.

Founded in 1477, the University of Tübingen is a comprehensive research university with around 28,000 students and over 200 degree programmes. As a University of Excellence, the University of Tübingen has set itself five strategic goals: Strengthening research excellence, further developing cooperative research environments, ensuring the ability to continuously change and evolve as an institution, strengthening global awareness in research and teaching, and expanding social responsibility.

Four research platforms serve to connect the research foci of the university and to promote interdisciplinarity, the research is also supported by core facilities combining the university’s research infrastructures. The “College of Fellows”, which was founded in 2022, is aimed at international researchers and aims to expand the interdisciplinary teaching at the university.


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