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Clusters of Excellence

Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies

Signalling reactions occur over a wide range of spatiotemporal scales – from molecules to organs and from microseconds to lifetimes. The immediate challenge, which will be addressed by CIBSS, is to understand how living systems accomplish integration of multiple signals across spatiotemporal scales in order to elicit cellular decisions and achieve multicellular organisation.

A special focus of CIBSS research will be elucidating how the dynamic composition and modification of multi-protein signalling assemblies determine temporal accuracy and local specificity of signal perception, processing and propagation. CIBSS will study signal integration at key signalling hubs operating at cellular and organellar membranes as well as in the nucleus. CIBSS research will advance the emerging concept that signalling processes and metabolic programmes are mutually coordinated with each other and translated into cell fate decisions.

By developing synthetic biological and chemical control-of-function strategies, CIBSS will generate the means to precisely control signalling reactions with optical and pharmacological cues. CIBSS will apply these novel control-of-function technologies to precisely programme signalling outcome, which will allow us to answer the most pressing questions in signalling research, and to address important challenges in biomedicine and plant sciences. With this strategy – From Mechanistic Understanding to Control-of-Function – CIBSS will generate fundamental insights in integrative biological signalling, and will advance its discoveries towards innovation.

Involved Institution:

  • Max-Planck-Institut für Immunbiologie und Epigenetik

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